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About CE Marking

Machinery & Safety Compliance Services Ltd. Providing CE Marking.

EMC Testing

Electro-magnetic compatibility

MSCS Ltd has invested heavily in EMC test. In 2014 we opened our new Open Area Test Site or OATS. Our large scale OATS provides radiated emissions, radio and antenna measurements up to 10 meters. Due to our own 8 acre site, an obstacle free area is provided as required by the standards such as CISPR-16. Situated in the rural area of Northamptonshire, the OATS has low electromagnetic ambient noise, crucial for radiated emissions measurements.

EMF Compliance

Before we get started

in most cases EMF is probably one of the simplest Regulations to comply with. If it seems complicated, time consuming and expensive, you're probably doing it wrong. We have a simple three step approach to ensuring your risks due to EMF are addressed.
1. Assess where there may be a risk and to whom.
2. Quantify or measure the EM field.
3. Sign off or solve the issue.

Training Courses - CE Marking

Our training packages are designed bespoke to your business and can span from 1/2day through to a full week or more, dependent upon the level of detail you require. Designing the training package relevant to your requirements is included in the cost of our training. Every course is written bespoke for your business; this ensures there are no generic seminars or irrelevant topics. Examples of courses are below, but do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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Bespoke training packages to suit your business dependant upon the level of detail you require.

Information & Downloads

Useful and free to download information to help you and your company with compliance.