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What is PUWER?
The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations, often abbreviated to PUWER, place duties on people and companies who own, operate or have control over work equipment. PUWER also places responsibilities on companies whose employees use work equipment, whether owned by them or not. We show you that PUWER compliance doesn't have to be an impediment to your work.


We are different! What we give are practical solutions based on real world applications. Machinery Safety & Compliance Services consultants are engineers. We tell you what you need to do to put it right, and more importantly, what you don't need to do. What you need are safe and useable machines, not just a bunch of risk assessments. We never leave you without a solution.

Wrong machine guards caused injuries

A bakery that did not fit machines at its Penrith, Cumbria site with the correct guards has been fined £70,000 after two workers sustained injuries to their hands. Carlisle Magistrates’ Court was told that a Bells of Lazonby employee lost the top of his middle finger on his right hand on 26 January 2016 after it caught the moving blade of a dough dividing machine. 

Missing Guard Leads to Fine

Bedmax Limited failed to protect its employee from dangerous parts of machinery. On 26 October 2015 Philip Eyers was operating the log deck, which is part of a machine that shreds trees, when his foot slipped and became lodged in a gap exposing him to the wheels of the machine which conveyed the logs. The severity of the injuries to his toes meant his big toe was cut back several times, his other four were fractured and eventually reconstructive surgery was required.

Exposed Live Parts and Guard Failings Fined

A packaging manufacturer has been served a reduced £297,000 fine after a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspector uncovered poor, longstanding practices involving electrics and machine guarding at the company’s premises in Northfleet in Kent during September 2014. Under the sentencing guidelines the court could have set the penalty as high as £2.5m but the company’s poor trading position and swift remedial action led to a more lenient sentence.

PUWER Inspections

If you are an employer or self-employed person and you provide equipment for use at work, or if you have control of the use of equipment, then the Regulations will generally apply to you.

Our engineers carry out thorough PUWER inspections, focusing on safety-critical components that could affect the capability of the equipment being operated in a safer manner.

HSE U turn on FFI

The HSE issued a statement on 9 February outlining its plans to hold a consultation on the make-up of the panel that adjudicates on disputed FFI invoices. Health and Safety at Work understands that the statement followed a meeting between OCS Group and the HSE where the two sides came to an agreement to halt the legal proceedings.

This essentially means that regulator has voluntarily taken up a position that it might have been forced into if the scheduled judicial review hearing had gone ahead. It is beleived that the judicial review is now likely to be cancelled.

FFI Judicial review due March

The full Judicial Review hearing in the High Court has been brought forward to March of this year regarding the dispute process of HSE’s Fee for Intervention Scheme (FFI).
In 2011 the government published its proposals for the reform of health and safety entitled Good Health and Safety, Good for Everyone. In it, they stated that:
“it is reasonable that businesses that are found to be in serious breach of health and safety law – rather than the taxpayer – should bear the related costs incurred by the regulator in helping them put things right.”

Jaguar Land Rover fined

Jaguar Land Rover have been fined £900,000 after one of its workers was crushed between two cars at its plant in Solihull. Victim Mark Widnall lost a leg as a result of the incident in February 2015.
The manufacturer was also ordered to pay £49,864 after a jury at Birmingham Crown Court convicted it of breaching health and safety regulations.

Functional Safety

Building or buying new or refurbished machinery

Our training packages are designed bespoke to your business and can span from 1/2day through to a full week or more, dependent upon the level of detail you require.

Designing the training package relevant to your requirements is included in the cost of our training.

Every course is written bespoke for your business; this ensures there are no generic seminars or irrelevant topics.

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PUWER is the Provision and Use of Work Equipment...

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Products and equipment developed exclusively by MSCS to make your inspections easier. 

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PUWER is the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations and requires users of work equipment to carry out regular risk assessments which are documented and kept on file. Most importantly, those risk assessments must address each of the...